[Update] Day 70, 1st Major Update (25th & 30th)
Hello, this is Xenon, the PD of Grand Saga IDLE: KNIGHTS X KNIGHTS.As we approach the first major update 70 days post-launch, we are finalizing the preparations with great anticipation. This week, we will share the planned updates in two phases, scheduled for the 25th and the 30th. Day 70, 1st Major Update (25th & 30th)■ Equipment Farming Content 'Warrior's Sanctuary' Update ■  Summer Event & Costumes (7 Types)Costumes of Wishing Spark Quyi and Dark Knight Leon Give away to all captains!Costume
Eight Developer's Note (2024.07.19)
Good day Captains! This is PD Xenon!In this Developer's Note, we would like to share the direction of growth, including diamond acquisition, focusing on the equipment farming content to be updated in July.While many of you have shown great affection for the collaboration, introducing seven heroes at once has been somewhat overwhelming.We aim to explain how we will make it easier for you to grow your heroes, acquire new heroes, and upgrade their star levels through the contents of this Developer'
Seventh Developer's Note (2024-07-12)
Hello, this is Xenon, the PD of Grand Saga IDLE: KNIGHTS X KNIGHTS.I am delighted to share some great news. We have surpassed ₩1 Billion in cumulative global sales.This achievement is a result of the love and support from all of our dedicated Captains. We sincerely thank you all once again.During the first month since the game's release, we regretfully encountered various bugs and issues across multiple aspects. While we aimed to address these promptly, we faced challenges due to a lack of resou